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A Gift Of Love

Gift of LoveFor my 50th birthday, my brother’s family gave me FIFTY very colorful paper hearts. On each heart, they had written down a reason why they love me.  It was a  simple and truly touching gift! I am sharing the idea and a few of their messages to inspire you to create a “gift of love” for someone in your life.

Some of the hearts had very simple or funny messages.

  • I love your smile.
  • We all love your mashed potatoes.
  • I love that you are so organized.
  • I love that you take us out shopping!

Other hearts reflected memories we made together.

  • I love that you helped me decorate my room.
  • I love how you always let us play Foosball at your house.
  • I loved eating a TON of French fries with you at Johnny Rockets on the day my sister was born.

50 Hearts GiftA few of the messages on the hearts were quite touching and personal.  I am sharing this one written by my sister-in-law. This yellow heart #24 is a memory I had completely forgotten – but 20+ years later it was significant enough for her to write it down. This one made me tear up.

This DYI gift has so many wonderful possibilities, perfect for anyone – from anyone.

Ideal for birthdays, Mother’s day, Anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. Simply start cutting out some hearts. Use whatever paper you have and create any number of hearts – 10, 25, 50 or 100. You can put large poster-board hearts on binder ring (like the picture) or put small paper hearts inside a card, or tie your heart messages to some balloons. Use your imagination or google for more inspiration – the options are endless.

For me the real gift was the affirmation of connection written on each heart. Try this yourself, make someone smile, laugh, cry, remember and most importantly feel loved.

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