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Organize Your Photos

Organizing photos feels daunting, and often less urgent, than other projects; that is, until we need them or fear we’ve lost them. Then the anguish of losing something with significant sentimental value hits us. After a disaster — fire, tornado,…

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Personal Touchstone

Keeping a Connection with a Touchstone

A touchstone can be any object that represents a special person or significant memory to us. These unique objects may be displayed, kept private or used in everyday life, as a way to keep that memory close. Keeping every-day items…

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Shadow Box With Old Trucks

Using a Shadowbox to Display Memories

We all have mementos and keepsakes tucked away, discovered every now and then but mostly forgotten. These may be souvenirs from a trip or first date, sentimental items from childhood and long-lost relatives. Often, people will tell me these items…

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Memories Become Clutter

When Memories Become Clutter

  Sentimental items can be paralyzing the organizing process, halting people before they even get started. Sorting through childhood keepsakes, items from a loved one or stacks of letters and cards can freeze people in their tracks. When memories become clutter,…

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Gift Of Love

A Gift Of Love

For my 50th birthday, my brother’s family gave me FIFTY very colorful paper hearts. On each heart, they had written down a reason why they love me.  It was a  simple and truly touching gift! I am sharing the idea…

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