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lossWhile grieving, it can feel impossible to make decisions about a loved one’s possessions.

After a loss, many families don’t have the luxury of time and must make difficult decisions before they are entirely ready. As a Professional Organizer, I provide assistance with the physical and emotional aspects of this difficult process. Supporting my clients in their grief, simplifying their tasks where possible, I work to ease their burden. Often my help comes in the form of sorting through and managing all the material items associated with their loss. 

When clearing out an entire home there are so many memories that live in each room-from the everyday routine of life to the special family traditions. How do you begin to dismantle the home you grew up in? How do you process a time capsule of someone’s life? How can you even begin to let go of anything? 

When you’ve lost someone who lived in your home this daunting process becomes even more difficult. Their belongings surround you daily, intertwined with your own possessions and daily routine. You see their favorite mug in the kitchen, their clothes hanging in the closet, notice their glasses on the nightstand or their set of keys on the counter. There are constant reminders of your loved one, everywhere you look. It can be both comforting and painful – and these feelings can vary daily.

We all heal from loss in our own ways with different degrees of support

Sometimes, having another person there to listen and provide companionship can help. You do not have to go through this alone. Other times, a manager is needed to move the process along in order to close an estate in a timely manner. When you are ready – or if you must do this now, before you are truly ready – I’m here to help. Give me a call to discuss how I can assist you through this difficult time. Though this is an overwhelming task, it can also help to begin the healing process.

It was after the loss of my father that my business began as a way help others through this challenge.  Over the years, I’ve been privileged to assist many families in emptying the home of their loved ones. My client kindly sent this letter to be shared after emptying and selling her mother’s home.

I would like to highly recommend Heather Ahern and her company, The FUNctional Home, to you without reservation. Heather worked with my sister and I to organize and clean out my Mother’s home in Brockton when it became evident that my Mother would not be coming home from a nursing home. The effort was complicated even more because my sister and I live out of state.

From the day I met Heather, I knew she was the one to help us and was I right! She identified all the resources needed – movers, consignment and high end auctioneers, disposal services for a piano, used furniture dealers, art appraisers, Craig’s List to sell appliances, and even a scrap metal dealer. She also knew whom to donate items to and what they would actually take. On top of all that, she managed the installation of new smoke detectors required for sale of the house, the final water meter reading and shipping of several items to me in Virginia. When the new owner visited the house after all was done, he praised the condition and cleanliness of the house – all due to Heather. Heather’s capabilities for organizing are phenomenal.
~ F. Graul from Haymarket, VA

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