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Personal Touchstone

Keeping a Connection with a Touchstone

A touchstone can be any object that represents a special person or significant memory to us. These unique objects may be displayed, kept private or used in everyday life, as a way to keep that memory close. Keeping every-day items…

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Shadow Box With Old Trucks

Using a Shadowbox to Display Memories

We all have mementos and keepsakes tucked away, discovered every now and then but mostly forgotten. These may be souvenirs from a trip or first date, sentimental items from childhood and long-lost relatives. Often, people will tell me these items…

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Open Your Doors And Change The Energy In Your Home.

Host a Party – Enjoy Your Home

Open your doors and change the energy in your home. For me there is no better way to enjoy my home than to host a party, but even better - the energy of a party has a ripple effect that…

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Random Acts of Kindness on April 15th

Random Acts of Kindness are good deeds you can do any time to make the world a better place. Each year, we respond to the tragedy of April 15th, 2013 with One Boston Day. A day that encourages random acts of kindness and the…

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Important Papers

Paper – Should You Keep it? Can You Find It?

Paper!  We are besieged by bills, junk mail, school notices, insurance policies, magazines, catalogs, invitations, correspondence, warranties, receipts and bank statements. Our lives, work, home and families can require us to deal with enormous amounts of paper. It can very…

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Spring Cleaning

6 Places to Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning

The sun grows stronger, the days lengthen and the urge to tackle spring cleaning blossoms! In many cultures, cleaning for spring is a long-standing ritual. For many of us in the northeast, it is a biological response to waking from…

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Memories Become Clutter

When Memories Become Clutter

  Sentimental items can be paralyzing the organizing process, halting people before they even get started. Sorting through childhood keepsakes, items from a loved one or stacks of letters and cards can freeze people in their tracks. When memories become clutter,…

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