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during_pMoving is one of life’s most stressful events. You do not need to do it alone.

If you need a little extra support or can’t be there with the movers, I can manage things on the day of the move for you. My services can include arriving before the movers, overseeing the entire move house to house, being there throughout the process of packing and loading the truck, and confirming the job is done as requested. At the new location, I can ensure the accurate assignment of furniture and boxes to the appropriate rooms. This service is helpful for seniors, someone needing to travel to a new location before the move is complete or anyone overwhelmed at going it alone.


When you or a senior in your life is downsizing or moving, I can be there to provide support on move day and keep things running smoothly. I’m able to tackle the more physical aspects of the move, oversee the moving crew and navigate any unexpected challenges that arise.

Overwhelmed or alone

When you’re overwhelmed physically, mentally or emotionally, the day of the move can be a daunting prospect. I can pull from my 14 years’ experience as a move manager, to alleviate some of the stress of moving day. 

Moving to a new home is not always a welcome event. Major transitions in our lives can be challenging to face alone. If you find yourself reluctant or unable to move on your own, I can support you on move day to make this transition easier.

Busy families and professionals

No matter how busy you are, your move to a new home can be smooth and seamless. My services can be tailored to meet your needs; from help on the move day to complete move management all way through the process. Give me a call to discuss how I can get you settled in your new place quickly – with less stress.

A few of the services offered for the day of the move:

  • Meet with the moving crew when they arrive.
  • Review work order and confirm details of the move.
  • Alleviate that “I’m overwhelmed” feeling that accompanies moving day.
  • Unpack essential boxes in kitchen and bathroom.
  • Make beds and hang clothes in closets.
  • Handle any details outlined in work order.
  • Ensure correct placement of furniture and boxes in the right rooms at new home.
  • Remit payment and tip to movers. 

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