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after_pStart off organized and enjoy your new place!

Often, moving into a new home leaves people overwhelmed and exhausted, lacking the time and energy to unpack and set up their new space. It’s understandable, because the process of moving, whether it’s across town or across the country, can be draining and stressful. This leaves many people too worn-out to tackle a mountain of boxes or make decisions on where things should go.  While delaying this ominous task might be an option for a few days, eventually not having easy access to all your stuff becomes an ordeal. You do not have to live out of the boxes during the first few weeks (or months). I offer all levels of unpacking services.

Unpacking the essentials 

On move-in day, I can be there to unpack and set up the essential rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. Additionally, I make sure the beds are made and clothes are in the closets. Let me know what the most important boxes are for you to have unpacked first e.g.; coffeemaker, computer or the fish food. This service is especially helpful for seniors, handicapped individuals and busy families.

Unpacking the whole house

Do you need to return to your normal life as soon as possible? I can begin unpacking as soon as the movers arrive, starting with the essentials: kitchen, bathroom, beds and clothes. Each room of your new home gets unpacked and settled until there are no boxes left. This service is helpful to busy singles and families who need to get back to work and life with little interruption.

Setting up an organized home

I will organize your new home so you can start enjoying it right away. We can arrange the kitchen to function optimally, make the best use of closet space and find a proper home for everything that came out of boxes, so you can find it! I’ll help you re-purpose items you may already have in your home to organize your new space. If you didn’t eliminate before you packed, no worries, I can help you de-clutter as we go. Additionally, I can improve storage throughout the house, create systems to keep you organized and allow you to feel at peace in your new home. Creating a FUNctional Home is at the heart of what I do every day!

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Many thanks again for all your help! It made a huge difference! I love the house so much and really feel “home” here more than ever.
~ P.A. from  Marion MA

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