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downMoving is one of the most stressful transitions in life.

The process of moving can be daunting for anyone, but this challenge becomes particularly difficult as we age. Whether the move is to a new home or to a senior community, the physical demands of downsizing years of possessions, moving, unpacking and settling into a new living space can quickly become overwhelming. Of course, moving is not just physically demanding – it’s mentally taxing, too. There are countless decisions to make and details to keep track of, never mind the emotional toll this transition can take on a person.

Here are a few of the services that can help:

  • Sort and purge to downsize before the move.
  • Enlist local resources for consignment, sale or donation.
  • Locate important documents and valuables.
  • Inventory items of value.
  • Find family photos and sentimental items.
  • Organize belongings for maximum ease of packing.
  • Alleviate that “I’m overwhelmed” feeling that accompanies the process of moving.
  • Create a clear plan to ensure that items will both fit and function in the new space.
  • Manage the the move, if extra support or a point-person is needed.
  • Ensure correct placement of furniture and boxes in the right rooms.
  • Unpack boxes and facilitate the settling-in process at the new home.
  • Prepare the house for sale, if needed.

Some people need help with every phase of a move, while others only seek assistance with a few aspects of it. If the idea of moving yourself is overwhelming or you need help for a parent, I have 14 years’ experience moving seniors, and can tailor my services to best serve your individual needs.

Next Before You Move

Heather assisted us with moving our 90-year-old mother out of her home in preparation to relocate closer to us here in Virginia. Honestly, I don’t know how we would have done it without her. My Mom, bless her heart, was DUG IN and insistent on packing everything herself, not trusting that anyone could treat her possessions with the proper respect. Heather worked magic, kindly, patiently, and respectfully helping Mom sort through every last precious paperclip – never judging – yet efficiently keeping the project moving. By the time my Mom left the house, everything was so beautifully organized that the packers had no problems boxing and properly labeling. I simply couldn’t be there throughout the process, but there were several trusted family members and friends close to my Mom that checked in regularly and had nothing but good reports. As the new guardian of her things, it was such a comfort knowing that they would arrive here in perfect order. I should also mention that Heather really paid close attention to my mother’s true valuables. Heather carefully separated those items, secured them when “strangers” were in the house, and worked with family members to ensure their safe and discreet transport to Virginia. Honestly, she was such a Godsend I don’t know what we would have done without her.

—  J. Steindler from McLean, VA


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