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Letting Go Kids Memory

Teaching Kids the Importance of Letting Go!

Remember when your child was learning to walk? You encouraged them often, rejoiced in their success, and understood it was part of their growing up and developing independence. Just like walking is an exciting milestone, letting go is a learned…

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Gift Of Love

A Gift Of Love

For my 50th birthday, my brother’s family gave me FIFTY very colorful paper hearts. On each heart, they had written down a reason why they love me.  It was a  simple and truly touching gift! I am sharing the idea…

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Setting Up Your Freshman Dorm Room

This is an open letter for my nieces, nephews and friends' children when it’s time to pack for their first year of college. This is not a checklist; rather, it’s some advice from me, a Professional Organizer and Mother-who-has-been-there-done-that on setting…

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