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Host a Party – Enjoy Your Home

Hosting a party with sparkling lights in white and gold.

Open your doors and change the energy in your home.

For me there is no better way to enjoy my home than to host a party, but even better – the energy of a party has a ripple effect that lasts long after my company is gone. We start to change the energy in our home when we tidy our space, invite people in, decorate or set a table for company.

Take advantage of having people over to look around your house with a critical eye. Notice any unfinished projects, those areas that needs a good clearing, maybe change the décor a little, or just put some flowers on the table. You’ll immediately appreciate how those little fixes improve the way your home feels.

Relax. It’s a party!

When we first moved into our house, we hosted dinner for 14 people on a table made of plywood. The table was set before everyone arrived, and nobody noticed until the end of the night. No one cared. So don’t stress over having the perfect party; instead, aim to throw an entertaining party. You don’t need a big table, fancy dishes or matching silverware. It’s okay to borrow chairs and move around your furniture for the night. As long as the bathroom is clean, let the little things go. If you apologize for the dust, people will notice the dust. No one wants to feel the party they’re at is a burden to the host. Just smile, offer a drink or an appetizer, and your guests will relax and have a good time.

If you have nice things, use them!

Do you treat your finest possessions like museum pieces, always kept in a hutch, never to be touched—or worse—in a box for “someday?” Yes, there is a chance something might break or get damaged; but weigh that against the greater risk of never enjoying it. It’s unfortunate when I discover lovely treasures that my clients safely stored away for decades. Tucked away like this, they become off-limits, a missed opportunity to create memories. Give yourself permission to take pleasure in your nice things.

It’s okay if you don’t cook.

Personally, I do love to cook, but often assign bread, wine, salad or dessert to my family and friends, taking some of the pressure off myself. However, there are many other ways to host a dinner party with minimal cooking, including ordering food in, having it catered, or even hiring a chef for the night. Pot-luck dinners are popular also; or another option is to host a party that doesn’t revolve around food, like a game night. Find the formula that works best for you.

Don’t wait for a holiday to host a party!

Holidays, birthdays or special events are wonderful ways to celebrate, but sometimes the best parties are just an excuse to invite people over and have fun! Here are a few of my favorites, but the list could be endless.

  • Reunion of old friends
  • Brunch before a big event
  • I learned a new recipe – come on over!
  • Housewarming (new home) Open House (been there a while)
  • Network with colleagues
  • Host a Bella Vita dinner party*

* Each November homes across the South Shore host dinner parties in an event called Bella Vita in support of The Pat Roche Hospice Home. The event means “good life” in Italian and friends and supporters raise funds to help support the fund for patients unable to afford the room and board at the residence. Each host house invites 10 or more couples, who pay $100 per couple for the dinner, so that each dinner raises $1,000 or more. What a wonderful way to enjoy your home, host a party and do good.

No more excuses! Invite people over for a party and enjoy your home now.

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