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Open Your Doors And Change The Energy In Your Home.

Host a Party – Enjoy Your Home

Open your doors and change the energy in your home. For me there is no better way to enjoy my home than to host a party, but even better - the energy of a party has a ripple effect that…

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Random Acts of Kindness on April 15th

Random Acts of Kindness are good deeds you can do any time to make the world a better place. Each year, we respond to the tragedy of April 15th, 2013 with One Boston Day. A day that encourages random acts of kindness and the…

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Spring Cleaning

6 Places to Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning

The sun grows stronger, the days lengthen and the urge to tackle spring cleaning blossoms! In many cultures, cleaning for spring is a long-standing ritual. For many of us in the northeast, it is a biological response to waking from…

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New Year Fresh Start

3 Simple Steps For A Fresh Start!

A New Year gives us the opportunity for a fresh start. It’s the perfect time to gather our thoughts, reflect and re-prioritize. Take a moment to imagine anything and everything that would make you happy in 2017.  Allow yourself to visualize the…

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Blog Organize

Give The Gift Of Organization

  Treat someone in your life to the gift of organization. Gift certificates are available in hourly increments; there is a three-hour minimum per session. Recipients must live within 45 minutes’ travel time from Bridgewater, MA (South Shore area), or…

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Improve The Energy In Your Home

Declutter To Improve The Energy In Your Home!

Everything in our lives has an energy- also called chi- that affects us.   The clothes we wear, the knick-knacks around our house and the objects we use every day all possess it. We need to be mindful of this energy…

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Season Affective Disorder SAD

Feeling SAD? It Could Be Seasonal Affective Disorder

Have you been experiencing low energy and fatigue since we set the clocks back? Many of us in the Northeast seem to be complaining about the winter blues this week. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also called winter depression, winter blues,…

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