routine_pMaintaining a FUNctional Home is what truly keeps you organized!

Once you’ve organized your space, you are NOT done. Organizing is an ongoing process, not a onetime event. Creating an efficient, functional system for managing your household and handling your paperwork is the first step. Regular maintenance is critical to preserving any organizational system. A truly FUNctional Home still requires simple, efficient and quick routines to keep it in good condition.

Do you struggle to keep up with paper or laundry? These are two areas of any home that can quickly get out of hand and create clutter. It is important to create an organization system that fits your habits. Do you do laundry weekly? Then you need an area to hold all the dirty laundry until you can get to it. Does the clean laundry sit in the basket forever? You may need to organize your closets and drawers to improve your laundry routine. Does your mail take over the kitchen table? Then it needs a new landing spot and a regular schedule to keep it in check. Do you leave paper in a pile because you don’t know where it should go? Then call to set up a organizational system that will work for you!

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