I am Heather Ahern, a professional organizer, here to help you manage the challenges we all face every day by creating peace in your home, your workspace and your life. I work with busy individuals and over-scheduled families who have difficulty managing household clutter and struggle to find time for organizing. I work side by side with my clients to find solutions to meet their organizing needs, and I provide them with a practical approach for maintaining order.

There is a great deal of trust required when people open their homes and allow me into their lives. My clients share with me their issues, fears, secrets, hopes and dreams. The connection they have with the “stuff” in their lives is often revealed in the work we do. I have been privileged to witness many profound revelations over the years. All the services I provide are confidential, supportive and non-judgmental.

Organizing was a skill I discovered as a young adult. One of my first jobs was to run a Real Estate office that managed rental properties and ran a construction company. There were many details to keep in order and supervise on a daily basis. I loved this environment, and thrived there. When I left for maternity leave, my replacement was so overwhelmed that they hired two assistants to help her. This was my first clue that organizing came logically to me.

I started my company, The FUNctional Home in Bridgewater, MA, to provide organizing services for homeowners and small businesses. Helping my clients to create peace in their homes from Hingham to Franklin, Newton to Plymouth, and some areas around Providence RI. I typically will travel up to 45 minutes from Bridgewater.

I love my job. It has been immensely rewarding to help clients see the potential in their homes and make positive lasting changes in their lives. I joined the National Association of Professional Organizers (known as NAPO) in 2004 and continue to benefit from the education, resources and my incredible network of colleagues. In 2008, I joined the National Association of Senior Move Managers to better serve my senior clients, and was a member until April 2014. I have been an active member in NAPO New England since I joined in 2010, and  served as the Professional Development Director from

My husband and I grew up in Whitman, MA and have always lived on the South Shore. We raised two sons and have run a construction-related business for over thirty years. We built our dream home in Bridgewater in 1998 and are still sporadically fine-tuning it. When not organizing, I love to cook or spend the day at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

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