Banish those piles of paper – without losing what you need!

The struggle to control paper clutter is a common problem and feels overwhelming to many people. A pile of paper is a pile of decisions waiting to be made. An inadequate system to manage the flow of paper, poor storage and no way to discriminate between necessary and unnecessary papers all help to build up those looming paper piles. Going paperless is not a solution for everyone, nor is it an option for many of the types of paper coming in daily.

Every household needs a place for the reference documents: insurance policies, mortgage documents, receipts, wills and tax returns. These types of papers require a filing system (but not necessarily a filing cabinet). There are many tips and tricks to keeping track of your papers. Do you have kids? Add school papers, homework, flyers for events and schedules for extracurricular activities to the flow of paper entering your home. Do you bring papers home from work or do you work from home? Then add another level to the paper clutter, as well as another level of consequence to keeping track of these papers. Bills, notices and events often have time-sensitive tasks associated with them. These papers can require implementing some time management tools to stay on top of deadlines.

Heather can help you take control of the paper in your life, create a system to put it away and allow you to easily find it when you need it! As with all organizing, implementing routines and maintenance for paper will help keep the piles manageable.

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