office_pMake your home office FUNctional!

Whether you work from home or manage command central for the household, an organized office space is key to making you more efficient and creating peace in your home. The setting you operate in directly affects both your well-being and the quality of your work. A home office does not necessarily need to be located in a separate room. It can simply be a dedicated space designed to support your needs, which allows you to focus, and includes a system to help you keep it organized.

You may use your home office all day, every day or for just a few hours a week. You may be talking on the phone, working on your computer, reading, or filling in paperwork. Or perhaps you do a combination of the above. No matter how much time you spend in your work-space, and no matter what your tasks are, your space must meet your needs. Everyone’s work-space might look different, but a FUNctional home office is both organized and pleasant to use.

Does the place you work in feel comfortable?  How long has it been since you’ve seen the top of your workspace? Can you easily locate what you need? Having a home office space that works for you is easier than you think and is absolutely worth your time and effort. Heather can help you set up and organize a FUNctional place in your home where you feel relaxed and can work productively.

Unfortunately, many home offices become dumping grounds for paper, electronics, books, crafts and other clutter because these things lack a proper home. Or, the reverse happens: those items needed for work take over the kitchen counters, dining room table or worse – the bedroom. Create order where you work, grasp how to maintain that order and your productivity will soar! A FUNctional home office is essential to keeping the rest of the home organized.

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