I would like to highly recommend Heather Ahern and her company, The FUNctional Home, to you without reservation. Heather worked with my sister and I to organize and clean out my Mother’s home in Brockton when it became evident that my Mother would not be coming home from a nursing home. The effort was complicated even more because my sister and I live out of state. From the day I met Heather, I knew she was the one to help us and was I right! She identified all the resources needed – movers, consignment and high end auctioneers, disposal services for a piano, used furniture dealers, art appraisers, Craig’s List to sell appliances, and even a scrap metal dealer. She also knew whom to donate items to and what they would actually take. On top of all that, she managed the installation of new smoke detectors required for sale of the house, the final water meter reading and shipping of several items to me in Virginia. When the new owner visited the house after all was done, he praised the condition and cleanliness of the house – all due to Heather. Heather’s capabilities for organizing are phenomenal.
~ F. Graul from Haymarket, VA


Thank you so much for all of your help, my one regret is that I didn’t call you sooner! I appreciate all of your help and patience as we sifted through my things and made sense of this space. We have owned this home for 4 years this September and have never felt happier or more comfortable here than I do now.
~ B.G. from Franklin MA


Heather assisted us with moving our 90 year old mother out of her home in preparation to relocate closer to us here in Virginia. Honestly, I don’t know how we would have done it without her. My Mom, bless her heart, was DUG IN and insistent on packing everything herself, not trusting that anyone could treat her possessions with the proper respect. Heather worked magic, kindly, patiently, and respectfully helping Mom sort through every last precious paperclip – never judging – yet efficiently keeping the project moving. By the time my Mom left the house, everything was so beautifully organized that the packers had no problems boxing and properly labeling. I simply couldn’t be there throughout the process, but there were several trusted family members and friends close to my Mom that checked in regularly and had nothing but good reports. As the new guardian of her things, it was such a comfort knowing that they would arrive here in perfect order. I should also mention that Heather really paid close attention to my mother’s true valuables. Heather carefully separated those items, secured them when “strangers” were in the house, and worked with family members to ensure their safe and discreet transport to Virginia. Honestly, she was such a Godsend I don’t know what we would have done without her.
   ~ J. Steindler from  McLean, VA


Thank you Heather!! I appreciate all your time and energy. How do you stay so energized? I started to feel mentally exhausted after an hour and a half but your sparkle pulled me through. I really do feel great about the progress made on Monday! You have such great ideas!! Thank you again for all your kindness and inspiration.
~ M.V. from  Milton MA


I contacted Heather when I needed to downsize my office space and was overwhelmed with years of disorganization. She helped me focus on strategies that worked for ME and my business, and made the process painless and efficient. A couple years later I am still employing methods she taught me to keep my business, and my home, more organized and efficient. Heather’s easygoing and kind personality leads me to highly recommend The FUNctional Home.
~ C. Brodrick from  Whitman MA


Heather–you are a Godsend. I can’t express to you how much we appreciate all your efforts – physical and mental! Mom already seems to be transitioning well. Again, thank you for your caring and thoughtful assistance during this very important and emotional time.
~ L.R. from  Alexandria VA


Many thanks again for all your help! It made a huge difference! I love the house so much and really feel “home” here more than ever.
~ P.A. from  Marion MA


Heather is a tremendous resource for business and personal organizing. My home office had taken over everywhere and she worked with me to help claim back my space. I am still in transition, but for several years I was stuck and Heather has made it easy to get control. She asked how and where I did things, habits, etc (like paying bills or opening the mail), she listened to what I said and then offered several solution options for me to choose from. She is punctual, creative and has high integrity. I would gladly recommend her to anyone.
~ C.  Lautz from Providence, RI


Heather, Mom told me you were there today and how much you accomplished. She is so happy with you and the progress being made. She is much more comfortable (and dare I say even a little excited) about this move now. Thank you for taking good care of her! It has been such a blessing and my whole family is very grateful!
~J.W. from Denver CO


I am so happy with my kitchen! It makes life so much less stressful to know where everything is. Thanks so much for your help. You have been inspirational; I have been sharing all your tips and advice with my friends and family. I am eager to start working on the next piece of the puzzle – the basement!
~D.K. from Hanover MA


Heather helped me clean and organize my office and kitchen. She provides lots of help with how to sort through and organize your things and how to keep things nice going forward. Enjoyed spending time with her. In a few 3 hour sessions we organized my office and part of my kitchen. She really helped me get a handle on this, and I will be calling her in the future for my next project!
~D.D. from Raynham, MA


I have been using (and recommending) Heather for about 7 years. She is excellent to work with on any home organization project. I interviewed several organizers before hiring Heather. Heather works hard, keeps you working hard, but takes her lead from you. In other words, no worries about her coming in telling you what you “must” get rid of… instead, she helps you consider the pro-cons of keeping something and lets you decide. If you hang on to something, she helps you to come up with systems to keep things in an orderly and accessible place. Also, other organizers immediately wanted me to buy things (for example, expensive Pottery Barn wall system)– Heather has worked with my many plastic tubs, ziplock bags, folders I already have, etc….. (I have a Staples fetish) to help me create my systems. I have used Heather in every area of my home– attic, basement, garage, home office, bedrooms, closets- you name it, we’ve worked it over! I am terrible at maintenance – so now that I have my “systems” in place, I schedule periodic visits to get things back in place. It is exhausting at times, but feels great afterwards! I highly recommend her!
~ M G. from Hingham, MA       (Yelp review)


Heather, I spoke with my Mom today and she was thrilled with you yesterday. She was so happy with your energy and enthusiasm. Thanks for making her feel special.
~D.S. from Acton, MA


Living in a small house with a husband and 2 small children and more STUFF than I know what to do with. I reached my wits end when I went to get something from my bathroom shelf and in the process, something fell to the floor that was it! I emailed a friend of mine, and she immediately recommended Heather. I was extremely hesitant at first, only because I felt embarrassed to have someone I do not know come in to my MESSY, unorganized house. At my first meeting with Heather, I felt reassured. She is as professional as can be. I was quite impressed at my first meeting with her and decided to book some time for her to come help clear the clutter and organize to make mine a FUNctional Home. First task was my bedroom, then the kids room, now we are going to meet on how to organize the ALL of the paper that comes in to the house! Heather is an extremely hands on professional organizer and I was so amazed and overjoyed with what we accomplished during my first appointment. I have learned so much from Heather, she has so many (endless) ways of organizing and purging items that I did not need in my life anymore. I look forward to having her at my home in the future and I would recommend that you do too, Heather is GREAT!
~ Maureen P. from Raynham, MA        (Google review)


Heather, thanks so much for helping us. Our daughter was so pleased w John’s office. She is a “neatnik”! We will surely look forward to future house calls.
~Mildred G. from Duxbury